Classes to be Offered

Blow Dry/Hair Crafting

Blow-drys and hair crafting skills are important in making your guest feel their best for some of the biggest events of their lives. Your hair is in their hands.

Best blow-dry practices for straight, curly and overly curly hair, over 10 basic ways to blow-dry, appropriate use of heating tools, using the correct brush for desired look and the total finish to perfect your look. As well as important skills needed when hair crafting, including braiding, curling, twists and knots.

We Paint Hair

Do you dream in color? Give your guest the hair color of their dreams with by becoming a hair color expert in both natural and vivid applications that are always ahead of the trends.

Techniques including accent lights, partial highlights, full head highlight, men’s grey blending, types of weaving, balayage, color placement techniques, and product consultations.

Men's Precision Cutting

Welcome to Next Gen Men at Philip Pelusi, we take men’s styling very seriously and want you to become a certified men’s grooming specialist.

Fading with guards; scooping and notching, blending, tapering, outlining detail, scissor/clipper over comb, facial hair blending, line ups, and how to create proper fades.

The Art of Fine Hair Cutting

The Art of Fine Hair Cutting will leave your guests fine hair needs as a thing of the past. This is a hands on experience designed to give you confidence in the art of fine hair.

Understanding the definition of fine hair and analyze all of its components. Learn solutions to fine hair’s most common complaints through cutting, color, and product use techniques. 

The Art of Curly Hair Cutting

Overcome curly hairs biggest challenges with the Art of Curly Hair Cutting. Go in depth to understand the nature of curly hair and how to master it.

You will learn the science behind curly hair and analyze the fabric, texture, density and condition of the curl. From there you will learn how to overcome curl’s biggest challenges through guest consultations, cutting and color techniques, and product knowledge. 

Philip Pelusi Trend Hair Color and Trend Hair-cutting Showcase

Several times a year you will see the latest trends in hair color, hair cutting, and styling for men and women presented by the Philip Pelusi Salon and Product Group.

Through live demos learn how to create the newest trends in cutting and color techniques. Follow 3 trends in one class from start to finish with live questions and answer throughout the whole process.

Bridal Hair and Air Brush Cosmetics

Photos from your guests wedding will be seen and shared for years to come. Make sure they are flawless by perfecting your crafting skills and master the art of air brush makeup!

Hair crafting, blowouts, air brush makeup applications, and full face makeup.

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