About Us

The Buzz Agents at Philip Pelusi are appointed in each salon; equipped with their phone in hand, to capture the trends being created daily in our Philip Pelusi Salons. With an eye for style and a passion for likes, the Buzz Agents connect you to our skill certified designers through the power of social media. Always on the search for the next international hair and beauty trends and innovations, our Buzz Agents are at the forefront of fashion. They want to inspire you by uncovering the hottest colors, cuts and styles and spread the buzz from the walls of Philip Pelusi to your social media.

Who We Are

Debe buzz agent


Passionate about allowing my clients inner beauty to shine bright with healthy, unique to them hair styles.


Just a crazy cat lady living the dream. Always dreaming big and always moving forward. Making the world a better place 1 head of hair at a time.


Full time stylist, technical manager, and buzz agent. Watersport enthusiast. Love creating new vibrant looks. 


Fantasy hair fanatic. Coffee addict.
Color specialist by day; dog mom by night.


Salon Leader and Buzz Agent. Singer/Songwriter.
Total book nerd. Debt Survivor.


Full-time stylist, part-time meme addict. A creative mind
and soul with a bit of sass and a dash of sarcasm. Lives on coffee, makeup, hair extensions and Snapchat filters.


Monroeville’s Insta ladies have teamed up to keep their page trendy and fun! Stylists by day and moms by night. #superwoman #perfectionist #foreverlearning


Capture beauty. Girl mom. Faith, food and fitness are my life. Living kidney donor to my daughter.